Pull. Pluck. Putt.

1.) Place tee in the ground

2.) Draw string straight and taut until desired distance

3.) Gently pluck string so chalk line appears on putting green

4.) Reel string back into device

5.) Sink more putts!

Straight is Great

We all know our eyes can play tricks on us when standing over a putt. Putt Chalk gives us the ability to practice our club path, starting line and eye line which builds muscle memory for when it counts the most. 

Practice makes perfect

  • Perfectly Straight Line

    See the perfect line all the way to the hole. No more guessing! 

  • Hole More Putts

    PGA Pros make 99% of putts from 3 feet. Hit your line with pace to sink more putts.

  • Easy to Use

    Pull. Pluck. Putt. It's that simple. Keep Putt Chalk in your bag for easy access every practice session. 

Common Questions

Is the chalk powder included?

YES - chalk is included. Putt Chalk comes with chalk powder already inside the device. There is no need to buy extra powder at the time of purchase. You're welcome.  

How does this differ from a chalk line at a hardware store?

Standard chalk lines are not putting green friendly and usually are equipped with a flat clasp at the end of the reel. Putt Chalk is designed with a golf tee at the end of the line so it may be inserted easily into any putting green. Also, the chalk included with Putt Chalk is putting green friendly which will not leave any permanent marks. 

Do I receive the storage bag?

YES. Every Putt Chalk comes with a custom sized flannelette bag which allows you to safely store your device inside of your golf bag. 

What does Putt Chalk help with?

Putt Chalk is used as a golf training aid - specifically putting. The chalk line helps golfers visualize the starting line of a putt as well as work on club path during the take away and follow through.

How long does it take to ship?

After each purchase has processed. You can expect to receive your Putt Chalk in 5-7 business days.

Does the chalk come off the putting green?

The chalk powder is strong enough to see for a practice session yet easy enough to wipe off when done. 

How do I reel in the line?

For best results reel in the line by spinning the yellow wheel clockwise (rather than the handle) as chalk may get momentarily stuck in the gears.